Milk Chocolate – A True Delight


Milk chocolates are all-time favorites for many. They are made of cocoa butter, sugar and milk compound. Milk used can be in form of powder, milk or even condensed milk

Its origin goes back to 1870s, when a Swiss confectioner Daniel Peter developed the first solid milk chocolate using condensed milk. Until than milk chocolate was referred to a chocolaty drink. Market of every country is flooded with various brands of Milk chocolates and India is no different.

Indian chocolate market is estimated around Rs 3,000 crore and its growing with 15% a year. Confectionary shops and grocery stores are flooded with various national and international chocolates brands. On the other hand a separate liking and market is also developing for homemade chocolates.  Homemade chocolate come in variety of flavors and designs. They are healthier than many chocolates of large brands.

These chocolates are made by processing the chocolate compound. These chocolate compounds come in dark, milk and white flavor. During processing these melted chocolates can be given any shape. Any ingredients or flavor can be added to give it a desired taste. 


Here is a list of few most sought after flavors:

Caramel Milk Chocolate:

Center of this chocolate is filled with rich caramel which adds extra creamy flavor to it.

Peanut Butter and Raspberry jelly milk chocolate:

Peanut butter and raspberry jelly is a wonderful combination when mixed with milk chocolate.

Mocha Milk Chocolate: 

For all the coffee lovers out there this flavor is a total delight. Mocha blended smoothly with chocolate brings out the best of both.

Rum Truffle Milk Chocolate:

One of the best qualities of milk chocolates is that it can go well with anything. Even with a strong alcoholic drink like Rum.

 Blood Orange Milk Chocolate:

Various fruity flavors can be added to chocolates. Like orange, apricot, vanilla and so. Most sought out flavor is Orange flavor.

Nougat Milk Chocolate:

Who doesn’t like little nuts in their chocolate? This milk chocolate comes with nougat in center. However it can be replaced with other nuts or dry fruits like a walnut, almond, pine nut, cashew nut or so. 

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