Edible Gift Baskets


Edible gift baskets have been increasing in popularity over the years as a way of showing thanks. There’s nothing quite like getting a gift delivered, opening it and finding yummy chocolates, nuts or cookies inside. The really great thing about edible gift baskets is that they suit a wide range of occasions and people. You’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t like to receive a gift basket full of chocolates and sweets in the mail!

Chocolates and snacks aren’t the only thing you can add to an edible gift basket either but it’s best to think about the occasion and the person receiving the gift. For example, you might add a couple of bottles of wine and a large range of treats to be shared if you are giving a corporate gift. This way it can be shared amongst the staff in an office environment. Or, for other corporate occasions like a ‘thank you’ gift for an individual you might choose a really nice bottle of champagne to go along with your gift. Either way, you know it will be well received!

Edible gift baskets also make great Christmas gifts particularly for group occasions. If you’re looking for something economical or just don’t know what to buy each individual at a Christmas function or get together then a wine gift hamper with tasty snacks is a great way to get something that everyone will be able to enjoy. And for people who are travelling overseas and can’t be with family or friends you can still have a presence at the festivities and have everyone singing your praises with the delivery of a beautiful edible gift basket.

They really do cover every occasion and are even fitting for baby showers and weddings. For a baby shower you might choose a tea gift hamper and for weddings champagne will go well with the celebration. If you’re out of the loop with what a new married couple need for their home or know that a new mum-to-be has everything under the sun in her nursery, then a nice pack of treats is just the thing. 

Whatever your occasion edible gift baskets are popular for a reason! They’re easy to put together and everybody loves a gift full of sweet or savoury treats. The options are really unlimited as to what you can add but top of the list are gourmet teas and coffees, chocolates, nuts, crispbreads, jams and honeys… and don’t forget the champagne!